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Calories burned: 200-300 calories (30 minutes)

Equipment needed: Mirror

If you’re used to joining cardio kickboxing classes or have experienced boxing as a sport or form of exercise, you can still do the same moves at home before the mirror so you can really watch your form. You can burn enough calories in a 30-minute shadowboxing workout by alternating and combining different types of punches and kicks and imagining that there’s an actual opponent in front of you. Keep your feet moving and bouncing to maintain a steady heart rate. You can start with basic boxing warm-ups like jumping jacks, jogs and shuffles. Then to start up a high-calorie shadow kickboxing routine, start with basic kicks on each leg, like front kicks, side kicks, back kicks and round house kicks, followed by 15-20 sets of jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts on each arm. Then combine moves, vary the speed, and increase the intensity until you reach your target duration or calorie burn.

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