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Here’s a way to get the best of both worlds—getting fit while socializing: “I got into salsa because of the girls,” salsa choreographer Jonathan Picayo (pictured), 32, jokes. “What I enjoy the most about salsa is the socializing; watching people enjoy themselves,” he says.

Christina Bartges, 28, has been dancing for only a few months, but loves how she breaks out a sweat even after just one song. “The footwork is very fast,” she says, “The hip movements are really sexy too.” The fancy footwork may sound like a deterrent, but people on salsa nights are always nice enough to give newbies a few pointers.

“The salsa club scene is great for social interaction,” Picayo says, “You can dance with anyone and everyone, and the style of each dancer varies from different dance background that they can incorporate.” (Source:

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