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Calories burned: 250-400 calories (30 minutes)

Equipment needed: Jumping rope

The New York Times just reported using jumping rope as a high-calorie burning cardio exercise. According to a New York Times interview with Edward Jackowski, owner of a fitness center in New York City that offers jumping rope exercise to clients, just 10 minutes of jumping rope at 150 turns per minute is equivalent to 30 minutes of running six to seven miles per hour (9.6-11.2 km per hour). Just follow the proper jumping technique, where you stay high on your toes and do not jump more than an inch off the floor.

Although this high-intensity exercise can make you burn more calories, you might have a hard time sustaining a longer workout because of the high heart rate caused by jumping, especially if you are just a beginner. It’s is still better to combine this exercise with lighter sets of cardio moves like marching in place or light jogs in place during recovery breaks to regulate your heart rate. You can alternate one minute of jumping rope with one to two minutes of light cardio moves and a minute of body weight resistance exercise like push-ups or crunches. As you progress and become stronger, you can increase the duration of the jumping rope set.

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