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Are you one of those people who feel intimidated and overwhelmed by all the fitspirational posts, gadgets and popular exercise routines? Or maybe you simply don’t know where to start. Then this will help you shape up with simple “ingredients” to a recipe for fitness that will keep you healthy and fit. 

One of the key ingredients to building a healthier you is confidence. You need to be confident in yourself and your abilities. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at physically, everyone has to start somewhere. Even the seasoned bodybuilder or muscle models we see gracing muscle and fitness magazines was once a beginner. Like all of us, they had insecurities, too, when they first started. So you need to know that you are NOT alone. With that in mind you need to be aware of a few things if you’re looking to join a gym or a club or play a sport.

Playing a sport presents a number of benefits. For one, you get to compete in a team environment surrounded by your peers devoted to the same goal. Some team sports can  lead to national representation and to further opportunities  representing your country at international events. This might be that motivation you need and if your lucky onto a new professional career. Either way getting fit and getting recognised at the same time can be very fulfilling.  Remember you must be committed to be successful, not to mention the potential injuries that may come with it. 

Playing sports is not for me and I would rather gym instead.  Joining a gym is a personal choice. Firstly, you need to realize that not all gyms are made the same.  Every gym you go to will present different sets of dynamic, demographic and company values. Some will be smaller then others and some will cost an arm and a leg just to get a membership. So choose a gym that meets the following criteria:


Train where the culture is friendly, aligned with your own personal values and training methodology. One of the many ways to discover this, is to visit the gym and observe the staff and the patrons or simply ask for a day pass and enjoy a trial workout.   


Make sure you can afford the membership. Some gyms offer free classes and others don’t. Some gyms only allow you to visit one site only (with your membership) even though they have multiple sites available. So understand the package you are buying into and be aware of the pitfalls.


Joining a gym must make sense. You need to make sure you can get to the gym frequently and that you won’t be hampered by work or family obligations or school. So organize yourself and don’t pay for a gym membership that you’re not going to use. Once you do, remember that you are joining a community and the gym can be a very social place, so stay focused. 

If joining a sports team or a gym is not a suitable option for you, there are other options such as hiking or mountaineering. This is a great way to stay fit and at the same time experience some outdoor scenery or some adventure.  Now if the outdoors doesn’t interest you, you can also consider  group cycling, walking, or just jogging in a nearby park.  All of these things are a great cardio workout and a fantastic way to stay in shape all year round without having a membership to any club of any kind.

Remember there is more then one way to stay fit but you need to start somewhere.So be excited for 2017 and finally make the jump to the gym, or to that sports team or just get out and be active this coming summer…if your still at the discovery stage of your fitness journey then try out everything once because eventually it will lead onto something that will interest you. So make the most of your youth and your health  and live out your fitness goals for 2017.

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